Daria Noor Server Engineering Company, trading under the brand name “Daria Server,” is a prominent supplier of active data centre equipment in Iran. The company is notably recognized as one of the major suppliers of large-scale projects in the data centre industry in Iran. This is thanks to its well-established and reliable brand, built on a foundation of quality, reliability, and excellence in service delivery. Daria Server provides a wide range of active data centre equipment, including servers, storage, memory, hard disks, CPUs, routers, switches, and other network equipment. The company sources its products from world-renowned factories. It uses its strong financial power and established relationships to offer products from major brands such as IBM, SUN, Oracle, Microsoft, Supermicro, Juniper, Qlogic, Fortinet, DELL, EMC, Cisco, HP, Tellabs, Kingston, Micron, Intel, Huawei, among others. With its high supply power and extensive experience in providing services to large data center projects, Daria Server is known as one of the most powerful suppliers in Iran. In addition to active equipment, Daria Server is a supplier of various data center products, including servers, storage, memory, hard disks, peripherals, and network equipment. Thanks to its appropriate financial ability and international connections, Daria Server can provide the best products with suitable economic conditions. As a result of these features, Daria Server is recognized as a powerful partner in various data center projects and organizations, making it one of the most important suppliers of active data center equipment in Iran.